Tom Young Partner / CEO

Tom Young is one of the founders of Key Design Websites, spending the last 15 years in advertising and living away from Idaho for 12 years. In 2002, Tom and a former partner left a lucrative job in radio to create Good Deal Magazine, a direct mail publication sent to 90,000 homes in Anchorage Alaska. Good Deal Magazine is to this day a very successful publication in the Anchorage market ran by Tom’s former business partner and close friend. In 2006 Tom sold his interest in Good Deal Magazine to move back home to Boise Idaho to focus on website design and marketing. Tom and his sister Sandi started Key Design Websites in 2008 with 4 employees in an office built for 2. Since then Key Design Websites has answered the call of the brick and mortar business person looking for real results and professionals they can lean on. Tom has two wonderful adult daughters he couldn’t be more proud of. Tom had a fishing pole put in his hands at a very young age, and has been in love with the sport since. If its a weekend, he is likely out in his boat, please leave a message…maybe he will call.

Why do you like working at Key Design Websites?

Above all it’s the people, our team has been in place for years and we are all like family. We work like a well oiled machine and we all know we can depend on each other.

Favorite Superhero:

Superman! The guy can fly and he’s bulletproof!

Favorite Inspirational Quote:

The secret of getting ahead…is getting started.
— Mark Twain

Favorite location you've visited:

The Grand Caymans on a scuba diving trip, amazing!

Favorite thing about Boise:

There is always something to do close by, certain times of year you can go fishing then skiing in the same day and be less than an hour from home.