Maid to Order

For more than 47 years, Maid to Order FL, has prided ourselves in providing nothing less than the best!

Our Belief: It is imperative to have a clean and comfortable home, not only for freeing up time but for the health and happiness of the entire family. Do you feel there are not enough hours in the day to get your house as clean as it should be?

We know that finding the time to conduct a thorough house cleaning is difficult, especially with all of the other pressures and demands in life.

Choose Maid to Order and we will be delighted to help with your house cleaning needs!

SuperShine Carpet Cleaning

In the carpet cleaning business, the quality of the job is rated by 3 main factors. The experience of the technician, the quality of the cleaning solutions and the ability or quality of the equipment. That’s why we at Super Shine offer you the best in all three of these areas. Our desire is to earn the trust of our clients by delivering the cleanest carpets and upholstery possible.
We provide a needed service for our clients, their carpets can be ruined if not cleaned properly so doing a great job & having many happy customers is satisfying.

H2Oasis Window Cleaning

We Care About the DetailsAttention to Detail is so important when it comes to making your windows shine. Each residential cleaning or commercial cleaning we guarantee a streak free experience. We will guarantee shoe booties when inside your home or place of business. Smiles and politeness are expected of each technician when on site.