Lee’s Candies

Lee’s Candies’ New Website

In the heart of Boise, there’s a sweet secret that’s been passed down through three generations – Lee’s Candies. This locally owned and operated candy shop has been delighting taste buds and creating cherished memories for decades. Join us as we unwrap the story of this beloved confectionery and the magic they bring to Boise, Idaho, with a brand new website crafted by Key Design Websites.

A Legacy of Handcrafted Delights
Lee’s Candies is not just a candy shop; it’s a living testament to the artistry of confectionery. For three generations, this family-owned gem has been crafting delectable sweets that capture the essence of tradition and quality. Their dedication to handmade excellence is evident in every mouthwatering creation.

Holiday Magic in Every Box
Lee’s Candies’ specialty Holiday gift boxes are a treasure trove of seasonal delights. From hand-pulled taffy to rich, creamy fudge, each box is a carefully curated assortment of holiday cheer. Whether it’s for family gatherings or as a thoughtful gift, Lee’s Candies’ holiday offerings are sure to bring smiles and warmth to any occasion.

Order with Ease, Right from the Site
Thanks to the partnership with Key Design Websites, Lee’s Candies now offers a seamless online ordering experience. Customers can browse the delectable offerings and place orders directly from the website. This enhancement not only makes indulging in Lee’s Candies’ treats more convenient but also extends their reach to candy enthusiasts far and wide.

Savoring Sweet Memories, One Click at a Time

Lee’s Candies is more than a candy shop; it’s a cherished part of Boise’s cultural fabric. The dedication to handcrafted excellence, the passing down of traditions through generations, and the commitment to the local community are what make Lee’s Candies a true treasure. As we indulge in their sweets, we’re not just savoring flavors; we’re savoring sweet memories and the legacy of craftsmanship that continues to thrive in Boise, Idaho, now with the added convenience of online ordering.

Dagwood Enterprises LLC

We offer premium service in-flight catering to private and commercial aircraft owners. Let us redefine first class by creating a menu that will exceed you and your guests’ expectations. Call today for more details on how we can make your flight a special one.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with our consultants and together we will create a menu that you and your guests will love and always remember.

Our trained staff will make sure that all you have to do is enjoy your guests.

Hailey Coffee

Our café serves delicious gourmet espresso drinks and fresh baked goods from our on-site bakery. All of our coffees are fresh roasted in Hailey and our baked goods are served fresh from the oven. Hailey Coffee Co. roasting facility is located in Hailey off Airport Road, This enables us to provide fresh roasted beans to our café and customers. Fresh Roasted Beans, superior roasting techniques, a demand for quality, and a well-trained staff are some of the components that we believe truly create “The Cup of the Valley”

Mashbill Farms

Mashbill Malts
Nampa, Idaho
My Name is Mike Wissel. I’m a 3rd generation Idaho farmer.
Mashbill Malts is a Craft Malthouse located in Nampa, Idaho, supplying malted grains to craft brewers in the
Treasure Valley, and to home brewers online. All grains are grown and malted in the Nampa area.

Sherwood Country Club

This venue truly is an awe-inspiring experience. From the moment you arrive, you’ll see the striking curb appeal of this historic Georgian-styled clubhouse. Enter the property, and your imagination runs wild as you walk through the scenic terraces and grand ballroom. As you make your way through the clubhouse, you’ll see the incredible manicured golf course in the distance, lush greenery and beautifully manicured landscaping, and century-old oaks. The clubhouse features a variety of banquet rooms, and an expansive outdoor patio that can be used for dining, dancing, cocktail receptions, weddings, and more. Sherwood Country Club is located in Thousand Oaks, California, with the Santa Monica Mountains as a backdrop; it is a perfect place to plan your Wedding, Retreat, and other special events.