DEC Medical LLC

DEC Medical not only distributes one of Germany’s top optical and mechanical microscope systems, but also helps improve your existing microscope equipment with excellent quality accessories to make you save time and lessen fatigue. It does not matter which brand you presently own. We can help.

Idaho Chiropractic Company

At Idaho Chiropractic Company, if you’re experiencing back or neck pain, headaches, strain, stiffness, or soreness, we want to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. We have many treatment options available, including General Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Laser Therapy, and Therapeutic Exercise.

Black Mamba Gloves

Specifically designed from a unique blend of nitrile, the Black Mamba Glove was designed to be the toughest disposable glove on the market today. Thicker and stronger than any other black nitrile glove available, the black mamba glove is over 6.0 mils thick and is fully textured with 3 times the puncture-resistance of latex and vinyl.

Homeopathic Soulutions

Homeopathy is a holistic form of medicine that works at the cellular level, putting the entire body into balance mentally, emotionally, and physically. We look at not just physical symptoms, but the entire state of being to find the underlying cause. Homeopathy treats you as an individual, not just as a diagnosis.

P.A.R.C at Sankofa

P.A.R.C. at SANKOFA is in the business of ensuring that our clients, who are both perpetrators and victims in the cycle of violence wrought by Domestic Violence behaviors, have the support they need to be successful, contributing members of society. P.A.R.C. is dedicated to the client’s total well being. We provide state approved Domestic Violence, Impulse Control, Anger Management, Parenting, and Petit Larceny classes, with the goal of teaching new behaviors to ensure the safety of any past or present victims. We provide mate and family classes at reduced rates to ensure that all involved learn the skills necessary to reduce and potentially eliminate any violent behaviors.