Medical Billing Solutions

Dr. Jill Landis operated her own medical practice for over 14 years before bringing her experience with successful billing to Medical Billing Solutions. We are always up to date on all of the latest billing and coding techniques. Medical Billing Solutions works as a team with our clients, teaching them ways to increase services, maximize billing and get back to where they belong . . . treating patients.

Braveheart Essentials

Welcome- This is a community of brave women who rethink conventional methods of education, healthcare, and how we provide financially for our family. I’ve been an entrepreneur and homeschooling momma caring for my family for decades. I’m passionate about creating a healthy, cozy home loved by all who enter!

Wildflower Intuitive Center

The Illness and End of Life Doula services at Wildflower bring the support of a provider that companions and assists families as they navigate the stress and grief related to a serious illness. Clients and their families receive services from a licensed clinician and college of medicine certified Illness and End of Life Doula. Sessions are available in the home or hospital for those who are medically fragile. Clients are supported fully, regardless of whether or not they are choosing curative care. Wildflower provides licensed clinical support combined with the relaxing touch of reiki to assist clients as they navigate the stress of serious illness with sessions provided in office, in hospital, or at home for adults, infants, children, and the people who love them.

Pure Serenity Yoga

Welcome to Pure Serenity Yoga, where connection, balance, and self-discovery is found. Operating from a number of locations, Pure Serenity believes that Yoga should be accessible to everyone who is searching it out. Yoga is much more than movements, it is also a combination of controlled breathing, flow, and spiritual experience. At Pure Serenity Yoga, a modern and authentic Yoga is incorporated that delivers energetic and healing results. If you’re searching for an instructor that can meet you on your level, reach out today.

Carpe Danza

To dance is to connect with the music and people that surround you. Our bodies have a natural response to rhythm, which propels movement. This self-expression is one of the most freeing sensations, especially when sharing it with a partner. Dancing allows us the opportunity to communicate far beyond the ability of words and experience a deeper connection that is truly unique.