Idaho Songwriter’s Association

The Idaho Songwriters Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the encouragement and promotion of songwriters throughout Idaho. Based in Boise, the ISA welcomes songwriters from all genres to participate in our community and events, and to use the ISA as a platform to develop, showcase and promote their art. Each last Tuesday of the month, the ISA hosts songwriters to give them the chance to perform and receive feedback, encouragement and support from our members. Your will never hear more honest music.

Blackburn Ministries

Pastor Tom Blackburn was the pastor of the Community Christian Center for 39 years in Garden City Idaho. This website serves in part to remember that ministry and the impact it had on so many lives and not just in Garden City Idaho. Pastor Tom and his ministry preached the word of God and obeyed his direction to go much farther and meet their needs.

Ignite 208

While addiction ravages the lives of individuals and their families in our community and throughout our country, there is a local group of individuals who have chosen to stand up, bring awareness and do everything in their power to provide a sober culture to their community. This group is called IGNITE208 – Social, Active, Recovery.

Their mission is to provide a safe sober environment for social activities to those newly sober or established in a recovery life style.

  • Social: A Safe Sober Community of Like Minded People (Mind)
  • Active: Engaging People in Activities of Fitness, Service, and Creativity (Body)
  • Recovery: Joining Other in Habits of Passionate Healthy Living that Restore (Soul)

Wish Granters

Welcome To Wish Granters

Wishgranters is a small not-for-profit established in 2010 which relies on local support and donations. We are the only adult wish-granting organization in Idaho and the Northwest. Wishgranters makes a lasting impact in the lives of Idaho families by granting wishes to adults who have terminal illnesses. It is our mission to come into the lives of these adults and by granting a wish, give them something to look forward to and their families a memory they can have forever.