Game Changers Idaho

We may look like just a sports program, but that is not actually what we want to be known for. Offering just sports is not enough, it is what we are doing with sports that we really want to be known for. With sports, we are creating inclusion and acceptance for kids from the grades of K-12th with all abilities. We teach all kids mentorship, leadership skills, patience and understanding of others and also show kids that even though we are all different, we are also all the same. Some of our best volunteers happen to be kids in kindergarten through 12th grade. All they are doing is playing sports with children that don’t always have the same opportunity as they do. We are focused on trying to give every child their moment: whether it’s announcing their name in a starting lineup and running onto a field with people cheering them on or having BSU players go to their house after tryouts and handing out jerseys saying they “made the team”. We are giving the gift of acceptance. There are many little things that we focus on which make our organization stand out. You just have to care a little more than the average person.

Veteran Entrepreneur Alliance

Veteran Entrepreneur Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our goal is to provide Veterans an avenue to increase their education in business and also to learn to expand their businesses and connect with fellow Veterans. We would like to serve as a resource for those who are seeking to re-integrate themselves into the community through a business platform. By doing this, Veterans not only re-establish a sense of purpose, but are able to continue serving by supporting their community.


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LSS Skils Challenge

We’re all about having a good time—especially while we’re doing good. Join us as we support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Idaho & Montana Branch. The LLS Skills Challenge is a four-sport team tournament made for colleagues, friends, and family. Be sure to bring your game face!

Kevin Troutt Auctioneer

Kevin Troutt is a second-generation auctioneer and specializes in conducting benefit auctions nationwide for non-profit organizations. He is a Board Member for A New Beginning Adoption Agency and is a very active member of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce, also the Nampa Chamber and Idaho Hispanic Chamber, and has vast experience working with non-profit organizations across the nation. He is passionate about children and family. Kevin has been duly recognized for his ambition, positivity, transparency, and unyielding determination to create the best experiences and raise the most money for charitable causes through benefit auctions nationwide. When you hire Kevin Troutt to align with your cause, you are recruiting a irreplaceable piece of the puzzle to increase capabilities through funding to new horizons.