Learn to Fly Fish With Bish

Well, how about I am a seasoned fly fisherman with decades of knowledge and experience. I started at the age of 12 on Bishop Creek, Bishop California. We lived on Bishop Creek. I had the fishing all to myself on any given day.

With a fiberglass fly rod I would seek out hellgrammites and grasshoppers as purchasing flies at the fly shop was not in my budget. So, every bug I used was natural and fresh…in most cases still alive. Back in those days, it was all catch and keep. Our freezer was always full. Today, the fish always go back.

My fly fishing resume contains thousands of hours stalking and catching trout. Today, my passion centers on the opportunity to relate my fishing experience to beginners. An additional benefit is the student’s ability to step into the Boise River and apply “Lessons Learned” on the water.

Heaven Bound Cremation of DC

We are a family operated company who believe in the power to be there for each and every one of our Clients during their most difficult time. HBCS goes above and beyond to make sure all of our Clients needs are met. Our compassion is for those who cannot afford the demands of the economy to be able to give your loved ones a beautiful farewell without worrying about how to pay for necessary services.

Boise Group Home

ounded in 1978, the mission of Boise Group Homes is to make a positive difference in the lives of people with developmental disabilities. By challenging ourselves to create an environment of learning, safety, quality, commitment, and respect, we can help each person we serve obtain their highest potential.

Value Analytics

This value may be in the form of more money, more time, or peace of mind. Whether you need to know what drives the net worth of your business, a plan for an ownership transition, or a report and testimony to prove an amount in court, we can serve you!

Coaches Corner

Coaches learn how to use the PocketExperts.Solutions website to grow their business.
Coaches will learn how to use The Collaboration Effect, working with and meeting other Experts.
Coaches learn how to help their clients using greater depth and wider reach of knowledge.
Coaches learn how to plan, execute, and complete engagements
Coaches network with other coaches
Coaches will be a referral source for new business