Rethink Parenting

If you are experiencing challenges like disrespect, defiance and seemingly endless arguments with your child, know that there is hope! Kim’s coaching can help you solve these problems. Her sensible approach will give you the specific skills you need to calmly and effectively address existing issues as well as prevention of new ones.

Legacy Wealth Management

Our team takes a holistic approach to planning and has been assembled to provide services tailored to successful individuals, professionals, business owners, and professional athletes.

We have over 34 years of combined experience in the financial services industry on staff. We also utilize a vast network of professionals throughout the nation to handle specific planning needs of our clients.

Our relationship-based approach allows us to quickly establish trust with our clients and helps ensure we are spending time on the issues that matter most to each individual.

Absolute Security of Idaho

Absolute Security of Idaho is a local, female owned and operated business. What separates us from the rest is our stellar customer service, attention to detail, reliability and responsiveness. We are the face of the events and often the first person attendees speak to. We are dedicated to not only providing top notch security but a pleasant and professional demeanor to ensure each attendee feels welcome and secure.