Apex Iron

At Apex Iron, we believe that true health goes beyond just physical appearance. We strive to make the inside as healthy as the outside, focusing on comprehensive wellness that encompasses both the body and mind. Our mission is to improve our client’s quality of life and lifestyle, empowering them to lead healthier lives and increase longevity.

Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology is a vertically integrated manufacturing facility providing high-quality components and complex assemblies to meet your manufacturing needs.

Since 1987, Industrial Technology has been continuing to develop the versatility necessary to accommodate a wide range of customer requirements with capabilities that include multi-axis CNC machining, welding and fabricating, precision sheet metal fabrication, and electromechanical assembly and testing. Whether you are looking for prototype piece part manufacturing or fully integrated contract manufacturing of small or large-scale complex assemblies and systems, Industrial Technology can provide the high-quality, cost-competitive products you demand with “on-time” and “just-in-time” dependable deliveries.

Sun and Shield Insurance Group

Your Trusted Small Business Insurance and Consulting Partner

At Sun and Shield Insurance Group, we stand out from our competitors with over 40 years of solid insurance sales and marketing experience. Since 1982, our founder has held executive management positions with three Blue Cross Blue Shield plans across the U.S., providing us with extensive knowledge and influence in various aspects of the insurance industry, including Sales, Marketing, Legal, Operations, Finance, and more.

Maendeleo Youth International

As a parent who has personally faced challenges in believing in myself, I felt compelled to create this foundation.

I envisioned a collaborative effort between our community and other organizations grappling with similar issues to support our children, who are future leaders. The primary objective is to safeguard them from harm, as many engage in behavior that is detrimental to themselves or their community. Our concerns are centered on addressing the needs of children and providing support to parents and peers. These concerns include family matters, substance abuse, divorce, a sense of superiority leading to misguided decisions, seeking shortcuts by comparing oneself to celebrities, inadequate spiritual and cultural education, and the impact of the 2021 pandemic lockdown on mental health.