Kona Capital LLC

Kona Capital is a leading equipment financing company through out the country. Here at Kona Capital we realize that each client is unique in their financing needs. The greatest compliment is to hear our clients say that we have played a role in the success of their business.

Grow Rasmussen LLP

On behalf of Grow Rasmussen LLP, welcome and thank you for visiting our Website. In addition to providing you with a profile of our firm and the services we provide, this Website has been designed to become a helpful resource tool to you, our valued clients and visitors. Our dedication to client service drives us to seek integrated technology resources and use them to benefit our clients as we endeavor to continue to provide the highest quality professional service and guidance.

The Service Center

We specialize in small businesses who rely on their phones to schedule appointments, and trade service professionals that are either a one-man show, or haven’t yet hired a full time secretary/assistant. Our list of specialties is very long, since so many trade service professionals’ customer service needs overlap so much. Such as, but not limited to, plumbers, electricians, contractors, builders, property managers, butchers, private schools, trade schools, realtors, real estate investors, residential/commercial security companies, financial planning firms, insurance agencies, golf courses, and more. Anyone who needs to do business over the phone, set appointments via phone/text/email, and doesn’t have the time to do it all day is a good client for us.

Red Truck Wildfires

Red truck wildfire is a wildland fire fighting company from Boise, Idaho. We specialize in forest management services, focused on suppression and mitigation of wildland fire. By providing a top-quality, dependable service, we proudly exhibit our professionalism, knowledge, and abilities.

Knuff & Knude CPA

At Knuff and Kunde CPAs, we always work with your best interests at heart. Our team can serve as either a trusted advisor for organizing your estate or as the executor of your overall plan and wishes. It just depends on your needs. We’re happy to serve our clients in any way they see fit.

To schedule your estate plan or estate tax consultation, please call (208) 855-2578. We’re here to answer your questions.