Built For Speed RC

Built 4 Speed RC

Built4SpeedRC is a family run business that was started for one reason only, to support the RC community. Our intention is not to carry every brand or car, but to fully support the quality lines of cars that we carry, and that we love to run. Our goal is to get you back to bashing and crashing, not waiting and watching. We ship hobby products nationwide.

Built 4 Speed RC

Author Roanne King

Welcome to my author website and blog! I am excited to see you and share a little about my lifelong dream to write and encourage others through the craft of storytelling.

I spent the majority of my elementary and teen years in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. By the time I was eleven years old, I knew I wanted to be a writer. Looking back, I can see how God gave me the desire to write as an outlet to work through the pains and challenges I faced growing up as the oldest sibling in a single-parent home.

The Patriots Workshop

We are committed to providing one-of-a-kind, quality wood flags that you can proudly display for years to come. While the American flag is our most popular flag, we also make custom designs from scratch based on the ideas of our customers. We pride ourselves in craftsmanship, quality, and design.

Main Auction Corp

The MAIN AUCTION has been family owned and operated for over eighty years. Established in 1938 by Colonel Paul Owens. After many years of running the auction, Paul decided to sell to his nephew Robert Wesely. Robert had six children that all worked at the auction for the next several years.

In 1976, Robert sold The Main Auction to his son, Danny Wesely. Danny owned and operated the auction the longest, at thirty-two years. In the beginning of 2008 he sold it to David Wesely Jr., his nephew. David Jr. is the current owner of the MAIN AUCTION and works full time at the facility.

Rostock Furniture

Since 1952 Rostock Furniture & Appliances has been your one stop shop for brand name appliances & furniture. From major appliances to floor covering and carpet, you’ll find we have the competition beat. Our prices are consistently lower than our Boise competitors, making it well-worth the drive.