DEC Medical LLC

DEC Medical not only distributes one of Germany’s top optical and mechanical microscope systems, but also helps improve your existing microscope equipment with excellent quality accessories to make you save time and lessen fatigue. It does not matter which brand you presently own. We can help.

Rough Rider Propane, Inc.

We sell only HD5 Propane which is the consumer grade. HD5 means it contains a minimum of 90%propane and a maximum of 5% propylene. Producers also produce an industrial grade HD10 which allows up to 10% propylene and can cause some sticking and gumming problems in an engine. Lastly, there are some off-spec products, and with these, who knows what you’ll end up getting. We, however, proudly sell only HD5 consumer grade propane. If you are a home owner be sure that you are getting HD5 so that you do not develop problems with your tanks, cylinders, engines or appliances.

Hammer Equipment

Our certified technicians thoroughly inspect all hammers as they arrive
and depart our facility. Why choose us? Hammer Equipment
understands the headache that a time consuming process
and expensive pricing that repair facilities provide can give.

Angstman Johnson

Legal services. Our attorneys advise both individuals and businesses throughout Idaho.

Angstman Johnson’s attorneys are bold, pragmatic, strategic, and experienced. We provide “big firm” expertise without the “big firm” expense. We understand that knowing the law is not enough, we must also know our clients and their businesses. Many of our attorneys began their legal careers at large firms, but moved to Angstman Johnson to provide their clients with more of a personalized service. Our experienced attorneys assist clients by finding the most direct and cost-effective solutions to their problems.