New Coin University

NewCoin University represents a global grass roots movement for the creation of a new cryptocurrency (NewCoin) that is free to use, anyone can use it, and it will not rely on the blockchain to maintain the books-of-record.

A transaction free NewCoin will open the world’s financial markets to everyone and promote economic and social equality. It will make every cell phone an international bank capable of instantly sending any amount to anyone anywhere for free for the first time ever.

Braveheart Essentials

Welcome- This is a community of brave women who rethink conventional methods of education, healthcare, and how we provide financially for our family. I’ve been an entrepreneur and homeschooling momma caring for my family for decades. I’m passionate about creating a healthy, cozy home loved by all who enter!

El Korah Shriners

El Korah Shriners are a brotherhood of men dedicated to family, engaged in ongoing personal growth, and committed to providing medical assistance and care for children and families in need. Our backgrounds, professions and interests are diversified, but we are unified by our shared values, and a mission to do good as well as build relationships that can last a lifetime.

National Compliance Service

Over the last year we’ve helped over 3000 customers with their biennial updates. We pride ourselves on being accurate and doing it right the first time. We have a BBB (Better Business Bureau) ‘A’ rating and we follow all the regulations set out by the Attorney General of Idaho.

Beware of Companies that promise you to do your update but never do!