My Kids Choice

Kids Choice provides a healthy environment to grow with developmentally-appropriate curriculum for Infants to Pre-K and Kindergarten curriculum meeting your child’s needs in early language and literacy, early mathematics, science and technology, creative expression and art, and social and emotional development.

Top Gun Tuck Driving Academy

Top Gun Truck Driving Academy is proud to offer Class A CDL training with top-rated instructors at your own pace. We are listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Training Provider Registry and have years of experience to help you each step of the way. Following completion of our program, we have job placement assistance available with a 96% placement rate.

Brett Labit LLC

Whoever said the world doesn’t revolve around you, obviously did not understand the world. In fact, it does revolve around you. Your world does, which is the only world you have, interact with, and impact. You are at the center of it and get a chance to steward it well. The awareness of this is what I call Tribe Consciousness, and leading yourself well will give you and your tribe a chance to thrive. Happy Tribing!