Learn to Fly Fish With Bish

Well, how about I am a seasoned fly fisherman with decades of knowledge and experience. I started at the age of 12 on Bishop Creek, Bishop California. We lived on Bishop Creek. I had the fishing all to myself on any given day.

With a fiberglass fly rod I would seek out hellgrammites and grasshoppers as purchasing flies at the fly shop was not in my budget. So, every bug I used was natural and fresh…in most cases still alive. Back in those days, it was all catch and keep. Our freezer was always full. Today, the fish always go back.

My fly fishing resume contains thousands of hours stalking and catching trout. Today, my passion centers on the opportunity to relate my fishing experience to beginners. An additional benefit is the student’s ability to step into the Boise River and apply “Lessons Learned” on the water.

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