We sell food. We are a mobile vending/catering company. That means we have a brand spanking new food truck! We primarily serve Mexican, but we are always open to new challenges, so if you have an event or catering need that seems to be outside of our wheelhouse, ask. We’re not easily scared. (Actually, the one of us who does the cooking might be, but she hides it really well.) We do on-site vending, so we set up at all sorts of companies and trade our delicious food to their employees for money. Don’t want your food made right in front of you? Try freshly-made, pre-packaged individual meals delivered right to your door. Great for home, meetings, special events, or Netflix and chill. Want a lot? We also deliver pre-packaged foods in the big-size pans of enchiladas, tacos, burritos, and buckets (not literally) of salsa or guacamole. You get the idea.

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