Brian Coovert Floral Design

Let us help you create innovative customized designs that highlight your company and event. Modern, contemporary or sophisticated elegance, Brian Coovert Floral Design’s range of design is as plentiful. We work with a roster of highly creative Columbus area companies as our regular customers and are always ready to present you with a design concept outside the box.

Kingdom Cleaning Services

We take pride in providing the best services and satisfying our customer needs.
Kingdom Cleaning is a full maintenance cleaning service. Established 12 years ago. What separates us apart from our competitors is our wide range of commercial and residential cleaning and restoration services.

Phoenix Aviation

Our motto is simple, we are not a club, why pay a membership fee for something you don’t always use every month? We started Phoenix Aviation with the idea that it should be easier for a certified pilot to rent an aircraft, for a student to obtain instruction or to charter a relaxing half day trip around North West Idaho. With our knowledgeable instructors and easy to use scheduling software, renting one of our aircraft can’t get any easier. Have interest in obtaining your private pilot’s license give us a call or send us an email to get connected with one of our certified instructors or sign up for an introductory flight. Certified Pilot? Register under our “Schedule Now” tab to be entered into our data base of approved flyers and enjoy the worry-free experience of not belonging to an air club, but enjoy the perks that make Phoenix Aviation different from all others.

Law Office of Margery W. Smith

The Law Office of Margery Smith is a well-established law firm located in Boise, ID that provides a wide range of quality, cost-effective legal services to clients throughout Idaho and the West. We strive to meet the legal needs of our individual clients and their families, and of small businesses, by offering personalized service that allows us to understand each client’s individual needs.

Heatherwood Senior Living

Welcome to Heatherwood Senior Living, a vibrant, energetic independent living community. On any given day, you can walk through our front doors and see residents letting off steam in a Laughter Yoga class, listening to a lecture as part of our Silver Scholars continued education program, or watching a political debate. That’s because we believe that retirement is a time to stay physically, socially and intellectually engaged by practicing old hobbies and finding new ones.