Treasure Valley Tattoo Removal

We are your Boise tattoo removal experts. We have a customized approach to tattoo removal. You’re an individual and your tattoo is unique. The approach taken to remove it should be customized to you. At Treasure Valley Tattoo Removal we create a personalized program designed just for you.

Eagle Laser Center Corporation

Welcome to Eagle Laser Center located in Boise & Eagle, Idaho. We are proud to announce that we have recently expanded our services! Eagle Laser Center now offers three main services: Laser Tattoo Removal, Skin Rejuvenation & Pain Reduction Therapy. Our services are provided through the use of two separate laser systems: RevLite SI (laser tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation) and LightForce EX (pain reduction). With the RevLite SI you no longer have to be worried about scarring or damage to your skin with any of our services. The RevLite SI is the top of the line laser and has set the bar for every other laser on the market today. Our Eagle office is currently offering the RevLite SI laser experience to the Treasure Valley.

Tending Toes

No need to be embarrassed by thick nails, ingrown toenails & foot fungus. We specialize in helping seniors & diabetics have healthy nails & feet. Schedule today for a natural nails manicure or medical pedicure in our Boise nail spa, or schedule a in home visit for those who are homebound.

The Prosperous Hairdresser – Spa In The Box

Breaking all the conventional rules of building a business in the Hair Industry


I saw a need in my industry as an entrepreneurial hairdresser that was not being met. I’m seeing my industry become an assembly line of services with no customer service, loyalty or customer retention. The hairdressing industry has lost its sense of community in our towns, cities and neighborhoods. That is how The Prosperous Hairdresser came to be. There needed to be a change in the way hairdressers are currently doing business so that they can be a positive change and force in our communities and in turn become a prosperous life changing professional.

Azure Hair Studio


Azure Hair Studio LLC is located in Boise, Idaho’s Linen District. Azure Hair Studio LLC is uniquely a ‘Cosmo-contemporary’ salon experience, providing the latest: trends, styles, comforts, and fashionable hair care products and solutions.

If you need a simple, quick cut, or a much desired hair make-over, we have got the unique style specialist just for you. Whether you are looking for contemporary, eclectic, sassy, conservative, traditional, or progressive look, one of our highly trained stylists will cater uniquely to your specific styling needs.