Educational Lifeline

Our purpose is the development of the highest human potential, by minimizing individual and societal stress. Our tool is education on many levels, encouraging all possibilities, high self-esteem, and intelligent, common sense methods of non- violent problem-solving. Why Self-Esteem and Bully Prevention? When children and youth, (and adults) are bullied into poor choices it is because they lack self-esteem and life skills. They give in to peer pressure. High self-esteem and life skills are the difference between leaders and followers…success or failure. We live in a world in which the thorns are sometimes almost as large as the roses. Children deserve every positive influence that can possibly come into their lives. There is an ancient saying, “What you see… you become.” What children see and hear, and their understanding of how to interpret it, structures who they become, how they feel about themselves, and what they, in turn, give to others, to life. They are our future. You and I are choosing who and what they become. May we have wisdom.

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